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Densocast HRC

The Densocast HRC line is made up of refractory concrete with Low and Very low cement content that allow for high mechanical resistance rates, even under inappropriate temperatures for Conventional Concrete use. HRC concrete is supplied to be mixed with water and applied on site through vibration or as a special pre-molded and hardened part at 400 or 1000o C. This product line includes products with compositions of 50% to 95% Al2O3, as well as special concretes in which Mullite, Chrome and Silicon Carbide, for instance, are added.

Typical Applications:

• Monolithic, walls and hearth structures;
• Burner blocks;
• Diffusers;
• Plug and valves for steel pots;
• Pre-molded blocks for reheating furnaces;
• Cart bottoms;
• Pouring runners for molten metals;
• Blocks and pre-molded parts for well furnace;
• Spray drier lining;
• Blocks for coke-oven door;
• Torpedo car lining.

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