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Densocast and Insucast

Densocast includes conventional refractory concrete easily prepared that can be used in molding on site through vibration, projection, free flow or even in small repairs. Densocast is available in classes ranging between 50% to 95% of Al2O3, as well as special concrete in which electrofused Mullite or Silicon Carbide, for instance, is added.

Insucast (Densocast I) is a family of insulating concrete recommended to be used as secondary lining on walls (back-up), given it has low density and thermal conductibility rates.

Typical Applications:

• Monolithic structures, walls and hearth, and general repairs;
• Glass furnace lining and repair (mullite);
• Burner blocks;
• Non-ferrous melting furnace lining;
• Boilers;
• Incinerators;
• Limekiln.

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