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Heat Treatment

Combustol’s Heat Treatment Division began activities in 1975 as a laboratory originally built as a center for thermal training and development of new processes.

Currently it is one the most complete service centers and is fully qualified to provide practically all types of Heat Treatment, abiding by the highest quality standards, and counts on state-of-the-art technology available in the sector.

Through Combustol’s Heat Treatment division services, you may rest assured that you will always count on efficient work, the certainty of choosing adequate solutions and the assistance of qualified professionals. Our team of engineers and technicians are at your service to provide guidance, training, research and development.

We will be pleased to  receive you at our company, or if you prefer, we may visit you.

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Customized Service

• 24-hour service
• Material delivery and pick-up at no extra cost
• Technical Assistance
• Best turnaround time available in the market
• Computerized operational process
• ISO 9002 – 2000 certification


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