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Process used for binding metallic assemblies, which replaces MIG, TIG and silver welding techniques. Brazing in a continuous furnace, in a controlled atmosphere is ideal for serial manufacturing with applications in almost all industrial segments.


• Dismisses use of flows
• Preserves original metallic surface
• Eliminates potential pre-existing oxidation
• Excellent penetration of welding metal
• Controlled heating and cooling
• Highly resistant welded joint
• Allows for subsequent Thermal and Thermochemical treatments
  (Temperature should be lower than the melting point of the welded alloy)

Brazing – Continuous Furnace

• Low alloy carbon steel parts
• Recommended gaps: 0 – 0.20 mm
• Max. Dimensions:
   W = 250 mm
   h = 200 mm

Brazing – Vacuum Furnace

• Low alloy, stainless carbon steel parts, based on nickel and titanium alloys
• Recommended gaps: 0 – 0.10 mm
• Max. Dimensions:
   W = 600 mm
   h = 600 mm
   L = 910 mm

Main Applications

• Automotive parts
• Piping
• Joints
• Tools with hard metal inserts
• Heat Exchangers
• Surgical tools

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