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Combustol Fornos

Leader in the Brazilian market, the Combustol Fornos manufactures and exports highly reliable products, working from design and development up to product manufacturing such as industrial furnaces, thermal equipment in general and combustion system solutions. In the process, experts analyze the client’s actual necessity in order to offer the ideal equipment for their application, always taking into account, factors such as production capacity, space and optimization of costs.

The engineering team, which on average has 30 years of experience in detailed engineering projects, which uses the most advanced resources available, to verify possible interferences and ensuring the excellence in the manufacture, assembly and final performance of the equipment. Combustol presents to its customers 3D projects that reproduce in the digital environment, the real operating conditions, which allow design, simulate and visualize the final product.

Our tradition, quality and equipment performance, cornerstone pillars that our company has used to exceed client expectation, are just as important as our technical know-how.  In addition to that, in order to carry out activities in the steelmaking, metallurgy and petrochemical industries, Combustol Fornos has entered partnerships and technology agreements with renowned and leading international companies in Brazil and abroad.



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Product Line

• Bell-type annealing furnaces with 100% H2 atmosphere
• Bell-type annealing furnaces with HNx atmosphere 
• Continuous Annealing Lines  
• Continuous Hot Nickel Plating Lines 
• Continuous Tin Plating Lines
• Slab, Block or Slug Walking Beam type Reheating Furnaces  
• Slab, Block or Slug Walking Earth type Reheating Furnaces  
• Slab, Block or Slug Pushing type Reheating Furnaces  
• Continuous Plate Normalizing Furnaces
• Continuous Strip Heating and Maintenance Furnaces 
• Continuous Painting Lines 
• Continuous Nickel Plating and Painting Lines  
• Continuous Strip Finishing Application Lines
• Continuous Drying Ovens
• Ladle Heaters
• Distributor Heaters (Tundish)
• Hot Gas Generators
• Diverse Laboratory Ovens
• Furnace Maintenance Services
• Existing furnace overhaul and improvements
• Technical Assistance
• Automation Systems
• Coke Oven Machines. Charger cars; Coke Guide; Door Cleaners; Pusher Machine; Quenching Car; Doors.

And more:
• Training In Company: Maintenance and Operation of new or existing Furnaces
• Sale: Parts and Accessories of Furnances

Industrial Furnace

Being one of the first to operate in the steel metallurgy market since its onset...


The Metallurgy Equipment/Furnaces Division is focused on designing, manufacturing...


Combustol supplies heating and processing furnaces to the petrochemical industry...

Superviroy Module Furnace

Combustol supplies automation and control systems for industrial Furnaces...


Technological Partnership:



Global Qualification Certificate D-U-N-S®:

Combustol Fornos adquire Selo DUNS

Combustol Fornos is D-U-N-S® certified and registered in the worldwide database under D-U-N-S number 899000699.
In this way, the company increases its credibility with the market and is connected with more than 300 million companies worldwide.

The certificate is provided by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), a world leader in the information industry for credit, marketing, purchasing and service support areas.
This certificate certifies the financial quality of the company, increases credibility and agility in negotiations with suppliers and partners, as well as maintaining the transparency of Combustol Fornos financial information in the market.

More information about D&B: https://www.cialdnb.com

Combustol Fornos:
D-U-N-S number 899000699

Selo DUNS Registered da Combustol Fornos


Certificado Duns Number Combustol Fornos Indústria e Comércio Ltda.

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