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The Metallurgy Equipment/Furnaces Division is focused on designing, manufacturing, assembling and commissioning of a wide range of Furnaces that service a wide range of industrial sectors including auto parts manufacturers, aluminum components, agricultural, ceramic, aviation industry, mining and other sectors.

The products are  developed according to productive process and demand that seek to meet the client’s needs. Additionally, the division also provides post-sales services and its staff includes technicians specialized in retrofitting, maintenance and overhaul of industrial furnaces.




Key Products:

Steel Thermal Treatment Furnaces
• Reheating and forged and cast treatment
• Furnaces for thermal treatment of cementing, quenching, carbonitridingnd other controlled atmosphere thermal treatment processes

• Vacuum furnaces for quenching, brazing, tempering, solubilization

• Furnaces for thermal treatment of aviation industry components 

• Continuous Lines for quenching, tempering and annealing

• Continuous Sintering furnaces
• Special Vacuum furnaces for production of steel and special alloys  
• Special low pressure furnaces for cementation  
• Atmosphere generators (endothermic gas, exothermic, etc.). 

Strip Processing Lines
• Furnaces for thermal treatment of carbon steel, silicon and stainless steel
• Metallic and organic coating  
• High convection in hydrogen atmosphere bell furnaces. 

Non-ferrous Metal Furnaces
• Melting and maintenance crucible
• Slabs and Slugs Reheating and homogenizing  
• Aluminum Aging
• Roll Annealing
• Stainless steel and aluminum solubilization

Combustion Systems

• LPG Gas
• Natural Gas
• Oil
• Coke Gas  

Other Furnaces
• Electrode Annealing
• Laboratory Furnaces


• Ovens

• Special furnaces

• Carbon Potential Control System

• Analyser Dew Point
• Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

• Maintenance
Installation and Adjustment
• Operation

• Special Ceramic Parts
• Radiant tubes
• Electric Heating Elements
• Retrofits
• Heat System conversions
• Technical Assistance

Automation Systems
Management, Supervision and Control of Thermal Equipment. For more information please check the Thermal control equipment and management system section

Key Clients
• Mahle Metal Leve
• Cebrace
• Komatsu
• Coopertools
• White Martins
• Musashi
• Yamaha
• Maxiforja
• Zen S.A.
• Ferramentas Gedore
• Cinpal
• Motopeças
• Açotécnica
• Sandvik
• Sachs Automotive

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