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Management system and control of Heat equipment

Combustol supplies automation and control systems for industrial Furnaces, based on decades of experience from those who manufacture and work with cutting-edge thermal equipment. Combustol offers advanced tools that optimize performance of thermal equipment; process control, quality, maintenance, safety and productivity.


Equipment Automation

Process control – PLC Platform

• Process Control; 
• Process Recipe (parameters);
• Thermal Cycle;
• Atmosphere Monitoring; 
• Quenching and Controlled Cooling Control; 
• Preventative Instrument Control; 
• Advanced Security Logic.


Supervision (PC interface Process control)
Effective Furnace control with Performance operationalization routine

• Synotic View (status);
• Recipe Control (parameters);
• Controls and Monitoring – Process;
• Emergency Procedures;
• Process History;
• Alerts; Alarm History;
• Control of utility consumable.


Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES Aggregate systems)
Application of advanced functionalities in an open and current industrial platform, managing its thermal equipment and improving your line’s performance.

• Process Data collection - Cycle History;
• Process Recipe (Process Engineering; download parameters);
• Traceability (Load Identification; link to process);
• Equipment Performance Indicators (Productivity);
• Maintenance (Predictive and Preventative Monitoring);
• Control of utility consumable (Power, Gas Costs, etc.);
• Production, Physical Movement Planning and Control.

Extension to other MES systems and Integration with Proprietary Systems (ERP)

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