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Constantly present in the Brazilian market since 1959, Combustol’s history is marked by its client-, employee- and shareholder- focused approach.

Our policy of allying research and state-of-the-art technology licensing, along with efficient exchange of expertise between Refractory, Furnace and Thermal Treatment Divisions, as well as the association with Metalpó, allows our clients to take advantage of our multidisciplinary  experience.

The Refractory Division officially began its activities in August 1976 and its initial goal was to manufacture refractory parts for furnaces manufactured by the company. Given Combustol’s strong suit, not only for quality, but for ongoing development, the Refractory Division grew and, currently, as a result of its extensive research along with its professionals’ vast experience, the company is not only able to meet its own needs, but also a great part of the market’s shaped parts or special applications needs, where technical requirements are very high.

Catálogo Refratários Combustol Refractory Catalogue Combustol
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Formed Products

The Niterm product line is made up of Silicon Carbide based refractories linked...


The Sicterm product line is made up of Silicon Carbide self-alloy or ceramic alloys refractories...


Alterm is a product line manufactured from highly pure Electrofused Aluminum Oxide...


Isoterm is a family of aluminum insulators to be used at high temperatures...


The Multerm family is composed of refractories based on electrofused or sinterized mullite...

Concrete and Mortar

Densocast HRC

The Densocast HRC line is made up of refractory concrete with Low and Very low cement content...

Densocast and Insucast

Densocast includes conventional refractory concrete easily prepared that ...


Arset is a family of products composed of refractory bond setting mortar recommended...

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