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The Combustol & Metalpó Group


For almost 60 years, the Combustol & Metalpó Group has played a leading role in markets in which it operates, seeking to provide quality as its main goal. It was established in 1959 in a small 250 m² warehouse.

Currently the Group occupies a 30,000 m² plot of which 20,000 m² is developed  area; more than 500 professionals are part of the Group’s team.  Integration and partnership are the reason why this team is continually developing.

In addition to the ongoing improvement in quality, our group also believes in our responsibility towards our country’s and society’s development, continuous improvement of human resources and the pursuit of specialized technology.

Our quality policy  sums up these beliefs: "By pursuing excellence, we will reach 100% quality.”

The Group is composed by two companies: Combustol and Metalpó

Combustol, the first company to be established, initially manufactured industrial furnace and combustors, currently also provides refractories, thermal treatment and nitriding. Combustol is one of the largest Brazilian  companies in the industrial furnace sector; manufacturing and exporting highly reliable equipment. The company had rapid expansion as a result of its proprietary technology, as well as technical cooperation agreements entered into with the US, Europe and Japan-based companies.


Metalpó was originally one of Combustol’s divisions and is dedicated to the production of atomized powders and sinterized parts. Metalpó became an independent company in 1967. Currently it is one of the leading manufacturers of atomized powders and sinterized parts in Brazil and services several different sectors, such as: metallurgy, automotive, mechanical, electrical, electronics, agricultural sectors, among others, in addition to exporting its products to several countries.


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