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Having as main goals the constant search for new technologies and an ongoing commitment to quality, the Combustol & Metalpó Group invest in expanding its production capacity and customer service, fulfilling important stages in their growth process.

Currently, in addition to its headquarters in Sao Paulo, the Group has service centers in providing services in two other states: Brastêmpera (Rio de Janeiro, RJ),  Combustol Minas(Contagem, MG).

Through the synergy between the units, the Combustol & Metalpó Group  search optimization and the professionalization process. Acting together, the units seek to identify the specific needs of each customer and determine which of the service units will be made in order to obtain the best possible results.

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Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brastêmpera, a company acquired in 1983, offers heat treatment of steels and metals to third parties, including the oil, steel, automotive, construction and plastic industry.

Opened in August 2009, the Combustol Minas occupies an area of 1,200 square meters, serving all segments that require thermal treatment services or industrial equipment, especially furnaces and combustion equipment for metallurgy, offering to provide technical assistance to third sales of new equipment.

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