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Environmental Responsibility

Combustol & Metalpó Group has a trained team committed to the environmental preservation, to the selective garbage collection and the promotion of waste disposal systems in accordance to the environmental standards.

Environmental Action

Annually, Combustol & Metalpó Group organizes some activities for the International Environment Day, celebrated on June 05. The activities developed in that day are intended for the promotion of the environmental awareness by the employees and their families, generating an analysis of their habits and general culture, thus contributing for the future generations. Initiatives as the ‘Ecological Trekking’ have as goal to promote environmentally correct practices, which value the conservation of the natural resources and promote the awareness of its collaborators for the sustainable practices, connecting employees and their families with the environment.

Besides the Ecological Trekking, other activities are performed during the month of June in favor of the environmental awareness. The Drawing Contest awards the three best drawings made by the employees’ children. The ‘Conscious Hobby’ is an exercise on the environmental issues. The ‘Idea Tree’ collects the employees’ ideas for the environmental preservation and awards the more viable and innovative idea.

Life of Quality Program

Many guidance initiatives are carried out for the improvement of the employees’ quality of life, including health, education, physical, psychological and emotional well-being, with anti-tobacco and vaccination campaigns, among others. Combustol & Metalpó Group develops activities as the ‘Good Vision’, ‘Healthy Industry’ and ‘Carnival’ Campaigns.


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