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Social Responsability

Combustol & Metalpó Group has as goal the awareness rising for the exercise of the citizenship, besides becoming an increasingly citizen company.

Competitive Intelligence

It is a program intended for the development of the students, with visits to trade shows and events of the sector. The purpose is promoting the search for new technologies and innovations in the company market of operation.

EVOLUIR – Internal Recruitment Program

Establishing a competent and motivated personnel, aligned with the Group guidelines, makes the recruitment and selection one of the bases for the better offering of these human resources. Combustol & Metalpó Group seeks to value the internal talents; thus the collaborators, third parties and trainees have preference in the recruitment and selection of candidates. 

E-Inclusion Program

E-Inclusion ProgramIn order to provide to the collaborators, who do not use the computer at work every day, a greater closeness with the internet, computers are available in many parts of the company to access websites of utilities, such as the Federal Revenue Service, the City Hall, Banks, e-mails, researches for school papers, educational entities, among others. A channel with direct communication with the Human Resources Department, the “Talk to the HR”, is also provided, a space for questions, claims and suggestions related to the corporative environment. 


Young Citizen Project

Young Citizen ProjectIn partnership with the government of the state, the project offers internship for the community 16-21 year-old college students from low-income families. Through the program, the students get a scholarship at the expense of the government and the company, on a 50/50 basis, plus benefits, and attend trainings in administrative and/or operational procedures and show their skills.

Young Apprentice Program

Young Apprentice ProgramFocusing on social responsibility, the program gathers teenagers between 14 to 16 years old, who are taking part in vocationally-oriented courses carried out by SENAI, the students are hired for a period of 24 months. Besides learning the theory in the educational institution, the apprentices learn by doing at the company´s facilities. The program aims to encourage the personal development and the practical learning of the young apprentices, as it strengthens self-confidence as a way to achieve the required motivation for the professional apprenticeship.

Paulo Lobo Peçanha Study Room

In order to promote the reading and the cultural background, the Combustol & Metalpó Group provides a room with over one thousand books on different subjects to its staff. This project encourages the reading and allows that the employee access information, generating new knowledge.


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