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In operation since 1967, Metalpó Ind. e Com. Ltda. is a company exclusively dedicated to powder metallurgy, manufacturing non-ferrous metal powders and sinterized parts.

Given the needs at the time of its establishment, Metalpó developed technology to manufacture metal powders and is currently the leading South American manufacturer of non-ferrous atomized powders, intended for its own parts production and also for the market in general for the most diverse applications.

 Metalpó also initially developed manufacturing equipment for sinterized parts by using the resources of an affiliate company operating in the area of capital goods, Combustol. Although not being the object of its end purpose, such equipment, some of which is still in operation, was complemented and replaced with both domestic and international top-of-the-line manufacturers’ machinery and currently counts on an excellent industrial center which is able to manufacture highly complex products.

Always seeking to completely master technology, Metalpó also has modern die shop able to produce all the necessary resources for manufacturing sinterized components.

From the onset of its activities, Metalpó has established partnerships to develop new products, consolidating know-how in its sector.

As one of the companies responsible for introducing and promoting powder metallurgy in the Brazilian Market, Metalpó is currently a worlwide renowned company and offers its products to demanding markets such as the North American and European markets, as well as in South America.

One may easily state that today any vehicle or home appliance produced in Brazil has at least one component produced by Metalpó, in addition to electric engines, computers, copiers, locks and many other products.

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Metalic Powders

With Metalpó’s years of experience in powder Metallurgy it produces precision components for a wide range of automotive applications...

P/M Parts

Metalpó, a company that has ISO 9001:2000 quality certification, currently manufactures and supplies the entire Brazilian market...

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