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Metal Powders

Metalpó, a company that has ISO 9001:2000 quality certification, currently manufactures and supplies the entire Brazilian market, as well as other countries, with Tin, Bronze, Copper and non-ferrous Metal powders and its alloys.

Metalpó’s Metal Powders are manufactured from strict selection of raw material with a high level of purity and through a very careful and extremely controlled process, according to international quality rules and standards. The manufacturing method used is called water Atomization, which results in a final product that has a high level of purity, in addition to extremely stable physical and chemical qualities.

Metalpó’s Metal Powders basically differ, one from another, in regard to their physical properties such as granulometry (particle size), outflow, oxidation level and apparent density,.

Among the diverse applications of these products, the most common are:

• Sinterized Parts
• Diamond Tools and Grinding Wheels
• Friction components
• Inks and Pigments
• Brazing (Thermal Treat.)
• Welding Pastes

You can count on our engineers when developing your projects. There are frequent innovations in applications and the types of powders that we can supply and develop and we can assure that all our products developed in our industrial facilities are reliable and contain the technology that makes Metalpó the leading manufacturer of non-ferrous Metal Powders in Brazil. In 2012, the company celebrates its 45 years of operation in the global market.

Pre-diffused Bronze

Pre-diffused Bronze, exclusively developed by Metalpó, is mainly recommended for tall bushings of thin walls...

Pre-alloyed Bronze

The Pre-alloyed Bronze Powders produced by Metalpó are obtained through fusion and atomization...

Bronze Premix

The Premix Bronze Powders are obtained through copper and tin mixtures that are subject to strict control...


Metalpó produces several types of atomized Copper Powders. By selecting and processing raw material...


Atomized tin powder has defined and controllable properties within...


Prealloyed Brass powders manufactured by Metalpó are obtained by melting and atomizing an 80/20 Copper-Zinc...

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