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Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brastêmpera, a company acquired in 1983, offers heat treatment of steels and metals to third parties, including the oil, steel, automotive, construction and plastic industry.

The company has capacity to treat parts of ten grams to ten tonnes and measures up to 13 meters, such as tubes for oil industry.

Among the hardening conventional treatments offered are: tempering, annealing, austenitizing, standardization and stress relieving, carburizing, carbonitriding, among others. The branch also runs under atmosphere heat treatments: quenching, carburizing, carbonitriding, nitriding and SCN (sulfocarbonitretação).

Specialized in the process of localized surface hardening, suitable for parts subject to wear were found, the machines have Brastêmpera as Gleason, fully automatic, horizontal and rotational phase, avoiding the deformation and hence scrap, common to the normal processes of temper.

Main Customers:
Haldex of Brazil
FMC Technologies in Brazil

Conventional treatment Brastêmpera

Brastêmpera offers the highest quality standard for the treatment of temper, tempering, annealing ...

Treatment Under Atmosphere Brastêmpera

A Brastêmpera performs the following thermal treatment under atmosphere: tempering; cement, carbonitriding, nitriding and SNA...

Treatment of Support, Quality Assurance Brastêmpera

The laboratories are equipped with the Brastêmpera a wide range of equipment used for a rigid process control and quality...


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