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Opened in August 2009, the Combustol Mine covers an area of 1,200 square meters, taking into account all segments that require thermal treatment services or industrial equipment, especially furnaces and combustion equipment for metallurgy, offering services of technical assistance to countries and sales of new equipment.

In partnership with its affiliate Traterminas, who has previously worked in the mining market and now becomes part of the Combustol & Metalpó  Group , the unit that will provide the most current the world market, as the first type of thermal treatment done on equipment under controlled atmosphere and supervisory module with integrated and fully automated.

The unit is the first company in Ontario to offer the latest technology in heat treatment worldwide by providing technological solutions exist to date in the state.


Process used for binding metallic assemblies, which replaces MIG, TIG and silver welding techniques...


Able to replicate 100% of results, we produce the best that nitriding can offer, through automatic and controlled processes...

Controlled atmosphere

When iron-carbon alloys are exposed to high temperatures they are subject to oxidation or loss of superficial carbon.

Uncontrolled atmosphere

Using equipment that have a high degree of process parameters control, Combustol offers the following services...


Consistency of heating and cooling, lower degree of warping and dimensional distortions, higher...

Surface Flame Quenching - Brastêmpera

Brastêmpera is specialized in localized surface quenching, appropriate for parts subject to localized wear....


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